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Fall asleep after a long day's work only to find yourself in a strange, yet eerily familiar world.

Somnolence: Sleepiness, the state of feeling drowsy, ready to fall asleep.

Somnolence was created within 9 days during the Honest Game Jam III in fall 2021 by Purple Sloth Studio & Friends. All assets were made during the jam.


  • Original soundtrack
  • Full voice acting
  • Fully explorable world made from original assets
  • Controller support
  • Optional help feature that makes some  of the light platforming sections easier

Version 1.1 Patchnotes

  • Added missing voicelines
  • fixed a couple of issues with the menu
  • fixed a few issues that should result in better overall performence of the game
  • improved the help feature
  • finished up decoration in a few places


3D Art


  • Lama
  • Féolin

UI Design 


  • radow


  • Ayom

Voice Acting

  •  VMan


  • Sergeant Biggs


  • Besen


We currently have Linux and Windows builds for the game. If you are enthusiastic about trying the game and need a mac build, please get in touch and we will provide you with an experimental build. Due to lack of test devices we are currently unable to provide a tested mac build thought.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SomnolenceWin64_v1_1.zip 117 MB
SomnolenceLinux_v1_1.tar.xz 53 MB
SomnolenceWin64_OriginalJamBuild.zip 113 MB


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Not sure if intentional, but when you get on the plate and stay there until it feeds into the drawer, you get stuck in it and have to reset ;-;

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this really cool game dev


This was niiiiice!

Games where you only "walk around and look at stuff" are my pet peeve ... but!

Turns out this actually has several skill based gameplay elements too! On top of that game-y parts are pretty creative and well designed.

The best part is the tricky parts even include kind of a checkpoint system! I know a few people who rage quickly and this helps a lot!

The story plays out a bit different than I expected (and even got some humor) which was nice. Voice acting is always a real nice addition~

I ran this fine on a very old slow laptop, thanks for the Linux build!






second :P


3rd 💕