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there are only 2 genders


Sorry to say, but even if you mean to say there are only two biological genders that would still be wrong. People can be born intersex


This game feels like I'm reliving my self-discovery journey - learning about the terms, the pronouns, the community... Seeing myself trapped between two doors only to find out that, in the end, there was always a choice for me.

Even if people try to shut it out, hide, lie, and oppress it, none of that could make me change my mind about my true identity. None of that could erase the joy I felt in finding a community in which I finally fit.

This game is not only a great educational tool for those who are not familiar with all of these "new" terms and gender identities, but it's also a portrait of the beautiful experience of self-discovery. Thanks so much for this, I love you and I hope you're okay.

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it turns out I'm a piece of shit!



this is really something. ♥


Such a lovely game!


This was brillant 


You know what I learned about this game?

NO GENDER!!! ONLY RAGE!!! (And Love with a side of moral support) <3

Good game 10/10

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wow, this was just wow! it was so calming, the music set a unique mood and feeling that made it weirdly emotional for me. walking through all of it was just something else. I felt like for a moment I was in these worlds. And their was so much information that I didn't know! Just an incredible experience thats so replay-able. I love that there is also more links given in the learn more option that can start players on their own research adventure, it truly is a wonderful rabbit hole once you start putting effort into the learning. The pronouns area was so perfect too, loved it and went back to it for a little bit before exiting. I also love that this helps to even slightly show how gender, sex and sexuality isn't a new, trendy or western thing like many people think for some reason. Truly an incredible and fun game!


There is no boy gender / the man / manly man man


very cool with the non euclidean feeling, is it truly non euclidean or just made to feel like that?


Well there is some trickery.

We spawn and despawn rooms out of the players view based on their position in relation to the room they are currently in and use portals that we project render textures onto in order to achieve some of the other effects.

In the queer tunnel the whole world truly turns around the tunnel axis thought =)


good game finaly understood what all the names mean but i think there should be gender (male or female) and something else that will include all of those


Well there is Sex, which is 90% Binary (Except for intersex, but that is a small outlier), and cannot be totally changed, and then there is Gender Identity, which is much more fluid and may change over time as people discover themselves more.


hard to control don’t like the game 


happy tears, so beautifully done


But- but i didn't get to answer the question...


oh my god the pronoun doors gave me chills,, thank you so much for making this!


i will say, one part that i did very much like was the ending; since blue being for men and pink for women (even if you don't agree with stuff like transgender ideals and etc) is a rather outdated idea that has become meaningless (unless its on a flag for some reason lol)


I love it


There is a comfort in going through this game, walking through each stage and what each word means, that you can't get anywhere else. getting to hear each pronoun is special in a way that's hard to describe. I appreciate what this game provides for a community that may be new to who they are, or looking to find understanding and solidarity in how they identify.


This game goes hard


Love it.

Queer gamers unite!


The gender library

where? did i miss it?


This is so beautiful


so beautiful!


whoever’s going through and downvoting all the comments: you’re a nerd (derogatory)


No entiendo cómo la gente de aquí insultan como series infantiles gringas y luego tiene que ESPEFICIFCAR que es un insulto XDD Pero que cringe, Dios


good game


reminds me of monument valley









This game is a very nice and neat way to learn about LGBTIA+.

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This game is quite artful and I do think it's quite good though as someone that identifies as the term femboy, I just kinda felt weird playing it. Now I don't consider femboy a gender. I am a man, but that is the term that describes me best.

When I first saw the fem room I tried so hard to enter it and find something or just explore it's unique setting, but when I did get there, it was just a room with a shade of pink that went nowhere. Just a dead end.

Also there just isn't a masc room which felt strange considering that the game go's fairly in-depth.

I loved the euphoria room and it made me feel seen in some weird way. Also didn't realise it was connected too dysphoria which was interesting for me.

There was a fluid and drag room, which while both great, I just didn't get the level of enjoyment I was hoping for went entering the game. I get that there are an infinite amount of people out there and capturing all their identities would be impossible, but an androgynous room would have been quite nice. Also the drag room was just boring. Idk


perhaps you simply didn't go to the right areas to find the masc room? I didn't find some of the rooms in the game.


Nah, I went and searched every room. It shows all of them in the map room and I went to all


damn that sucks, also there was a map room???


map in all lowercase LMAO


As someone who identifies outside of the binary spectrum, it was very interesting to experience and read about old and new terms. Really liked the non-shaded white that contrasted with the bright colors of each concept. While it's not all the concepts (as there as many), it's good game to start out on learning about LGBTIA+ terms!

(+ I ended up playing this game on stream, I hope that's okay! Thank you for your game. ♡)


A good game if you want to be educated on LGBTA terms. Programming was impressive.


kinda boring





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"also w comment" ☝️🤓

stop riding me.


Short yet simple, I had a good time with this experience. It's Pride Month, so I thought I'd check this out. I do think this game would be helpful for those who are new to the LGBTQIA+ community, maybe those who want to learn a bit more or anyone who is questioning themselves. While it doesn't go over everything, I still think this is a good game and very much needed!


Aww, no it pronouns or genderqueer room.


this is the first thing that made me realize why, i cant put my gender into words very well; i dont know any more than the person asking


any words i use feel wrong


Thank you for making this. From the bottom of my heart.

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