What's your gender?

"What's your gender?" is currently only available in German, as it was part of a game jam in German language and we wanted to display a discourse that is often mainly had in English and does specifically deal with language in German as well, but we will release an English postjam version soon-ish =)

"What's your gender?" nimmt euch mit auf ein eine Abenteuerreise durch nicht-euklidische interaktive Räume, in denen viele Begriffe aus dem Themenbereich Geschlecht erklärt und erfoscht werden.

"What's your gender?" entstand in 36 Stunden im Rahmen des bpb-Game-Jams unter dem Thema "binär und mehr".


Bewegt euch mit WASD + Maus
Springen (optional) mit Space
E / Linke Maustaste zum interagieren


Soundtrack: Flawless by Ryan Andersen
Assets: 100% von Hand gebaut im Jam Zeitraum by Pingu von Purplesloth Studio.
VA: Ente und Katze von Purplesloth Studio
Texterecherche & Levellayout: Ente von Purplesloth Studio
Code: fuchsi* und radow von Purplesloth Studio
Shader: fuchsi* und special thanks an Ronja


Lesen von Jamcode auf eigene Gaefahr!


(der Arbeitstitel ist eine Anspielung auf das Spiel Antichamber, das eine erkannbare Inspiration für "What's your gender?")


whatsYourGender_win64.zip 30 MB
whatIsYourGender_linux.tar.xz 34 MB


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When I saw the artstyle, I immediately knew it was inspired by Antichamber. Totally looking forward to the English release so I can play this and be fully immersed.


This is so cool and such an interesting way of visually representing gender - unfortunately I don't speak German, but I am eagerly awaiting the English release!


Cooles Spiel, wenn du willst kann ich für dich auf englisch übersetzen.

Hallo Lux,
Wir sind bereits dabei das Spiel zu übersetzen und haben nur aus Zeitgründen zur Jamdeadline nur die einsprachige Version fertig bekommen.
Danke trotzdem für das Angebot =)



sadly i dont speak german, but i loved the game anwyay! hope the translation comes out soon!


I noticed a small bug: you can jump to the bottom platform of the spiral staircase and fall out of the world from there.

That aside, I loved the atmosphere you created and I really enjoyed playing through it!


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we were able to fix this problem for the post jam release =)


even though i dont speak german it still kinda made sense. i love this !!


<3 <3 This is amazing! I love how genderfluid was represented, and I'm going to keep exploring the rooms.

Ich spielt es gern! Ich finde die Raume sind sehr schoen!


the first place I walked to was trans, and that's actually what I am lol. I don't know if I did it right, but I walked where I thought to go and guessed.


finally all those german classes have come in handy


Can u please make this english


Yes! Due to the limmited time during the jam and the jam being in German we were not able to include an english version with the jam release, but we are currently working on a postjam version that with fewer bugs, additional features and a fully voiced and written english version.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.