What's your gender?

"What's your gender?" was originally part of a "binary and beyond" themed game jam and developped in less than 36 hours.

"What's your gender?" takes the player on an adventure into a non-eucledian labyrinth, exploring terms and concepts related to gender and identity.

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Move with WASD, Arrow Keys or Mouse
Jump (optional) with Space
LMB/E to interact
Gamepad support

Recommendations and Awards


Soundtrack Meekness by Kai Engel
Soundtrack (original jam release) Flawless by Ryan Andersen
Assets: 100% handmade by Pingu (Purplesloth Studio)
VA:  Ente & Katze (Purplesloth Studio)
Research & Levellayout: Ente (Purplesloth Studio)
Code: fuchsi* and radow (Purplesloth Studio)
Shader: fuchsi* (Purple Sloth) special thanks to Ronja


(the working title was a play on 'Antichamber')


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WhatsYourGenderWin.zip 34 MB
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Development log


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i love that following the arrows keeps you in a cis loop :)) so funny. I want to find how to get through the sideways portal in the queer room


I was in the room with pronouns, and i've been thinking about using different ones than the ones I use now. 'ey' and 'ne' spoke to me, so out of curiosity, I decided to walk through 'ey'

when the subtitles suddenly said 'ey walks through the door', I was actually shocked for a moment, before feeling so happy. I almost teared up, and i'm not sure why. I've known i'm not cis but I don't know what else I am. In any case, seeing that was so nice and this game is really amazing.


My gender is evil and i exist for the sole purpose of causing chaos


Wow. Just... Wow. This feels like a museum exhibit, and I'd be all for featuring it in one.




Woah! Thank you for this. The concept is so cool, how you can walk around all the rooms and everything.


Why does invert work with the gamepad, but not the mouse?


Hi Shane,

we implemented the inverted control option for controllers since it is quite common for those, but we hadn't considered that some players might favor it for mouse + keyboard as well.

Do you feel this option would make playing the game more enjoyable or accessible? We can definitely look into adding such a feature with future updates and/or in future games.



It probably would. Older gamers like myself grew up when first-person games tended to default to inverted look. In fact, it used to be so common, that some of the earliest, like Quake, actually referred to the old "pull back to look up" method as "normal" and the "push up to look up" standard as "inverted".

I'm not sure when or why that changed, but I do remember when games started to default to the modern standard being thrown off when I pulled the right stick or mouse back and end up looking down instead of up as I was used to. (Now that I think of it, I remember a mini-game in Rayman 3 where I encountered it first.)

Anyway, considering how many commercial games still offer inverted look, I'd consider it some kind of legacy accessibility feature I wish smaller devs would include more often, even if a majority of gamers these days don't use it.


loved this game, the geometry? not so much, nothing on your fault, non eucledian geometry just hurts my head, but i still loved the game itself, and i am quite fascinated with non eucledian geometry in general


I really love this game. Just hearing different pronouns to see which one I feel comfortable with makes me happy. The pronoun room made me happy. My pronouns are he/they but I feel like I need to add Xe to my comfortable pronouns. Hearing it made me feel something in my chest, the same feeling when I hear others use He/They pronouns for me. Thank you for this game. <3




holy poop!!! this game is so educational & makes me feel so accepted 





Wow, this was such an immersive interesting exploration! I was intrigued by the many genders there were, some that I already knew but read additional information, and some that I completely didn't know! This was a great educational walk through just to understand the basics, I'm so glad I was able to experience it.


I'm a they/them!



enby gang!




eyyyyyyy! I found a clan I belong in!!



This put the nail in the coffin for me not being cis gender. I had thought about it before, given that I'm already part of the LGBT, but walking through that "they" door really awoke something in me. It felt comforting, like home, like me.


I'm not sure but great educational game!


Loved this game!


Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass es so viele deutsche Neopronomen gab! Es is sehr interessant, dass they oder hen (was Schwedisch ist?) auch auf deutsch benutzt kann!

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honest to god I saw this game, thought it was just an abstract walking sim titled "what's your gender", and immediately was like "yeah that about sums it up honestly," but I now see it's actually NOT just a playful "yknow sometimes being nonbinary just means feeling like a glowing tree" and it's ACTUALLY a semi-informational art piece about gender and how gender is perceived.

edit: Just finished the game, holy shit. This was really cool. I have to say that, even though irl I'm pretty mentally indifferent about having to go to spaces meant for women if given a "man or woman" option, like bathrooms, for some reason that beginning genuinely made me lock up. I think that I've become so used to digital spaces being where I can truly express my ideal self to where the idea of having to do those same things in this "safe environment" actually DOES get to me. I actually felt even a tad ashamed that something as simple as pink and blue doors in a digital art piece made me genuinely freak out internally. Fortunately, my suspicions about it were correct, and the whole point of that part WAS to throw some for a loop, and show how gender overall is far more than just going through a colored door that's been assigned to a specific group by society. 

On a side note, something that could've been interesting to add in would've been explaining neopronouns, or mentioning zenogenders, as those things are often treated quite poorly and many don't know what the actual purpose and reason behind their existence are. There's a good deal of obscure history relating to them, and they're also connected to queer ND people (and especially a lotta autistic folks!). To be fair I'm biased, since I'm autistic and a part of that specific community, but I think it'd be a neat addition if you were to ever update or expand on this experience!

Absolutely wonderful overall, really good with explanations, and the artwork is so good. Love the fluid room especially!


Using Antichamber's weirdness with space to talk about our relationship with gender is a cool idea.
The pronoun room is especially good


This game is one of the best that I've played. My favorite part was the pronouns section, it made me so happy walking thru the "they" door. :D

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I LOVE IT. it is so...otherworldly. It feels like a dream. It's so cool. also i found out the i'm they/her. You should make one about sexuality, (no rush)


This came with my bundle.  I was about to add it the pile of things I have no interest in checking out (get a few of those from big bundles like this).  I mean, who wants to be labeled by a game as to what gender they are?  

Though I decided to just to take a peek and I see it's not that.  The game design is rather interesting.  Something I have not played before.  I will add this to the games to check out later.  I even got past being triggered by the word CIS. 


Antichamber but gender. I love it.

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`Hi! I think I might have found a bug.

I got stuck on the elevator and the switch doesn't work. There is no other exit behind me.

Oh this should not have happend. Since both switch and gate dont seem to move I assume there is some sort of error that caused these behaviours to halt. You can still move around on the platform I assume? With WebGL its kind of hard to say what exactly is going on, but I'll try and see if I can reproduce the issue, thanks for reporting it =)


absolutely wonderful seeing a take on the visual and mechanical style of Antichamber, but in a setting I can relate to :) the visual metaphors are strong, and lovely to reflect on!


My hand is aching because I played this on mobile. I was expecting a very stereotyped quizz but I'm glad I was mistaken! And yaaay, there's the word gendervoid in it, that's my label 馃グ


Wait, is this game a quiz at all? I don't want to play a game that tells me what I am.


nope not at all!


Nope, it's not!


very cute loved walking in n out of that he door a couple times


 loved this game :D My brainless bro and I played it together, and it was really fun and educative to explore this map. I loved the aesthetic of the place and use of color along with the representation of the terms. <3 yes also I copied this message cuz bro said so hehehe anyways amazing game maybe make one for sexuality? UwU


found out I like Zey/Zem pronouns today :)




I loved this game :D My sister and I played it together, and it was really fun and educative to explore this map. I loved the aesthetic of the place and use of color along with the representation of the terms. <3

Thank you so much <3


the space map was so interesting, some of the transitions made my computer lag.
tho the story was interesting even though I knew the terms (somewhat) the representation of them through the space was interesting, really good

Frustratingly some spaces (the euphoria room and outdoors ares in particular) can be somewhat taxing on ones hardware. They stack a few mechanics on top of each other that made optimisation a bit more complicated than we had originally hoped. Glad you were able to enjoy the game non the less =)


this is a beautifully constructed game and really wonderfully designed. while i already knew most of these terms, there were some others i wasnt aware of and it taught me something. not to mention i had a pleasantly peaceful time exploring the map. i love the way it loops and connects. hope to see more of your work in the future <3

Thanks for the kind words <3
A new game of ours should come relatively soon =)


Thank you so much. it made me such gender euphoria and it taught me a lot of things I did not know. Really beautiful game. <3



everything was...well an experience to me as I'm just learning whether or not I am what I am and this just made me understand a lot better.

It's so great to read that the game is able to help in any way. Thanks for playing and commenting <3

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Really liked exploring these spaces! A great idea to play on the idea these are more complex than people think...

[content references follow] I love how the first room/term I've found was trans, and that apparently there's a only fem room... (haven't tried walking through color-coded doors, turned around...). Also the room which allows to choose and experience pronouns is a great way to explore options and check on feelings


I loved this so much not only did it help with who i am today, it also helped me with my parents understand the meaning of the different parts of identity <3

although there were still some unanswered questions lol   keep up the amazing work


This is a very thoughtful experience, I had to think on it for a while. I see a lot of things describing me like not many other places can. Its real good work.

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