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Imagine seeing someone move out of their childhood room. What mementos will they find? What thoughts will they bring with them? What does that say about them?

And how will all of it have changed by the time they move next? 

Frame of Mind is a brief and cozy narrative game that lets you discover a character trough thoughts and mementos they find while moving out of their parents home. It's an introspective game, meant to share some experiences a peer-group of neurodivergent queers, including the developer, had growing up.

While this game does its best to be accessible and kind, it also portrays burdens a normative society puts on kids, that are different growing up: You will encounter self-destructive thoughts. You probably should not play this if you are looking for escapism.

This game can be harsh sometimes, but it is driven by empathy and the desire to share authentic insights.

We do provide extensive content notes in the Game and in its Manual.

This is a public alpha test.
You can get the game early and help us figure out, if the basic idea works as we hope. We are open to changing many aspects of the game. Many developers following the mindset of traditional proprietary game development would probably not publicly release a game this early ... but this is neither traditional nor proprietary, so here we are.

You will get the final itch version if you participate in the alpha.

What are known issues?

  • Mouse Clicks are a hit and miss right now
  • Parts of the Accessibility Settings are not yet functional.
  • Writing and Voice lines have mismatches and will be worked on
  • presentation of cut-scenes is pretty bare-bones so far, and will probably change
  • The Second Chapter and End is missing
  • There are no save games yet
  • Performance will be optimised. This game is targeted to smoothly run on a steam deck.

Frame of Mind uses a Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 license. You can use the game and it's assets freely, as long as you also contribute back to the creative Commons Community. Feel free to reach out if you need a commercial License.

Find Creative Commons Projects, that made this Game possible.

Twokinds is created by Thomas J. Fischbach, who granted us permission to use it in a Creative Commons Project.

How to Play:

  • Use usual FPS controls to explore the room.
  • pick up mementos and cards with your mouse.
  • order your thoughts on the mind board.
  • drag cards around with your mouse.
    • we know they currently wiggle weirdly, will be resolved soon ...

Frame of Mind - Game Data


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for some reason the game doesn't open on my PC
Here are the specs (I guess):

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz   2.59 GHz

RAM 16,0 GB

x64 bits

Have you downloaded both the exe and the pck and put them in the same directory?

Sorry, that is right now a bit confusing, will improve it for the final version.